"No human, nor any living thing, survives long under the eternal sky. The most beautiful women, the most learned men, even Mohammed, who heard Allah's voice, all did wither and die. All is temporary. The sky outlives everything. Even suffering." - Bowa Johar, Balti poet.

30 July 2008

I am not very good at this whole "blog" thing.. please help:)

I heard from my good pal Katie that only those who have a gmail account can comment.. SORRY! I do not know how to fix that yet, BUT if anyone does know and can help me with this issue would be awesome! I will even through in a free kitten.. not the ugly ones.. the real cute fluffy ones... that is how bad I want to fix this

25 July 2008


Well I thought that I would start a Blog while I am away in Morocco for the Peace Corps. This will be a way for everyone to keep up on things that are going on for me over in Morocco.  Friends and family can write me and comment anytime they want:) 
I hope everyone enjoys the site, and I look forward to using it to keep in touch with people back home in the states. 

Hillary Lynn. 

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