"No human, nor any living thing, survives long under the eternal sky. The most beautiful women, the most learned men, even Mohammed, who heard Allah's voice, all did wither and die. All is temporary. The sky outlives everything. Even suffering." - Bowa Johar, Balti poet.

23 February 2011

ThAnK yOu :)

This will be my finale log update for this blog site. I am planning on starting a new blog soon to let any of my fellow readers keep up with what is going on with my life now that I am state side again. When I create this new blog, I will write the URL on this blog so you all can connect to it.
I want to end this blog experience with warm wishes and positive karma to all my readers and those who have supported me through my Moroccan Adventure ☺ I hope your life will be filled with opportunities, happiness, and volunteering (gatta represent). Please, go out within your own community and give back in any way shape or form. It is up to us to make the changes needed to improve the world in which we live in. Honor it and respect it.


I am officially working full time (seasonally) as a Visitor Services Associate at the Denver Botanic Gardens! This is amazing news for me. It is a great first step for me in this town into the non-profit world here in Denver, it is seasonal with a possibility for permanent or recommendations to other non-profits within Denver itself, and due to it being seasonal, I can keep looking around for something when the end of summer hits. It is just nice to know that after 27 plus months, I will be making money again to pay of debt and to build up a life again here in the USA. Readjusting has had its difficult moments, but I am feeling pretty good about life, my future plans, and what living in Denver will bring these next 10 months. I miss Morocco more than words can describe, but I know that I will return soon, hopefully before graduate school begins to see my family who I talk to once a month on skype and dear friends back in Skoura and Kehmisset. I feel blessed at this moment in my life. I have finished my life changing Peace Corps experience, I have seen over 8 countries while in service and afterwards, saw a little bit of my own home country, found a new place to call home, and got a job and apartment within the first week of living in my new city.
Here is the link to check out where I will be working starting Feb. 25, 2010:

It’s Official

I am moving to Denver! Yes, the one city I wanted to move to that i mentioned in the previous post is becoming a reality! I have found a cheap apartment blocks from the Capitol Building near all the fun events, museums, and stores that I am interested in. I also got an interview the day after I fly into Denver. Wish me luck!

Back In Michigan… Future Plans

Back in Michigan and trying to figure out what to do next. Out of all the places I have visited these past two plus months, I think I have an idea of where I want to go ☺ I do not want to say just yet, but I have a good feeling about this city and we shall see how the job and apartment hunting go for me ;) Now it is time to hang out with my mom, dad, little sestra, grandpa, and friends while I start applying like crazy to every non-profit/museum job I can get a hold of.

Boston, Mass. and NYE

Well I finally made it to my last COS trip destination and what a way to end it. New Years Eve in Boston was the perfect way to bring in 2011. I got to see my old high school friend, Jenny, and hang out with her boyfriend and his friends for NYE. We spent the evening eating home made food and ended the night at a local bar listening to a 1970’s cover band. On New Years Day we spent it at a lovely café where we had a delicious brunch and got to grab a quick coffee at a local coffee shop before heading back to Jenny’s part of town. The Museum of fine art was crazy cool visit. They had an intense collection of Colonial American Art. That was a real treat. I hope to see Jenny more often once I finally settle down somewhere in the USA and show her the hospitality she so graciously bestowed upon me while in Boston. She showed me around to all the important parts of Boston including the Freedom Trail, the Boston Marathon marker, and some historic graveyards and buildings. Boston has such a rich history, it was hard to say goodbye.

Fairfax/DC time!

I was welcomed with loving arms by my close friend, Amber, at the airport in D.C. It has been over a year since I saw her and she has been one busy lady with beginning graduate school and moving to the east coast to follow her dream. I am one proud friend ☺ I got to stay a week with her and her wonderful roomies, make an awesome Mexican Christmas Fiesta, and Christmas parties! It was not a dull time at all.

I got to spend time with a RPCV from my staj, John Wayne at his families Chinese restaurant and what yummy food! The Smithsonian museums were amazing in D.C. along with all the national monuments and buildings within my nations capitol. I got to spend a whole day just walking around enjoying the atmosphere.

22 February 2011

Back Home ... for a week

My MICHIGAN pit stop for a week was perfect!
I have been on the go traveling since November 12, 2010.. now being December 12, 2010.. I think it is time to pit stop, drop off some clothes and items, and see my family finally before I hit the road to the east coast for Christmas and NYE. I got to catch up with mom, dad, sister, and Emily, and g-pa. It finally felt like I was home. After 27 months plus traveling, it was nice to be HOME. December 22 though, I hit the road to Washington D.C. to see some good pals of mine who have been chilling on the “east side” since I began Peace Corps. I have never been out east so I am thrilled to see them and my nations capitol! Let’s just hope the weather will play nice. It has been one crazy month of bad winter weather across the USA.
I cannot forget to mention I got to chill with my GR pals for a few days as well. It made my week a little bit more brighter with spending some time with them :)

Mile High City Time

Denver was my couple day pit stop before heading back to Michigan to drop off some luggage and head east for Christmas. I got to spend some much need quality time with my favorite Denver people, Melissa and Matt. They hosted me a night before they headed off on their fun weekend in Vaile and then I spent the rest of my time with my friend, Craig, from Grand Rapids and got to enjoy sushi, good company, and a Christmas party along with a viewing of a classic movie with the Peanuts Gang!

By staying a few days in Denver, it reminded me how much I love this town, the people in it, and the weather. It was sunny and in the 50’s in mid December. The cost of living is cheap and there is so much art and culture out here that I can not stop walking around this town and enjoying what I keep finding around every corner. It is going to be hard to leave Denver, but I sorely miss Michigan and my family. I cannot wait to see my hometown! Michigan here I come.