"No human, nor any living thing, survives long under the eternal sky. The most beautiful women, the most learned men, even Mohammed, who heard Allah's voice, all did wither and die. All is temporary. The sky outlives everything. Even suffering." - Bowa Johar, Balti poet.

23 October 2008

CBT part JUJ!!

well it is almost time for me to sayBaslama to chilly Imouzzer to head back to Azrou to get my OFFICIAL site placement!! i am very excited and nervous at the same time:) i would love to stay here, but also i am up for an adventure! muski mushkil as the Moroccans here like to say ( no worries). I have been teaching English classses at the Dar Chabab and taking part in one of the ' skits that the youth are putting on soon at the dar chabab. It has been a blast trying to play a tree that grows and dies without laughing throughout the whole thing:)

i am swiya missing home. I am missing out on a beautiful fall season in Michigan and pumpkin carving for me as of now, but i hope to do it here:) Maybe i will wear my new Jillaba as a costume??? it is pretty zwena (beautiful) if i do say so myself. Sorry that writing letters and keeping in touch has been REALLY slow, but i think until i get to my finale site... this are kinda up in the air for me communication wise at least.

Snow is starting to fall on the mountain caps in the Middle Atlas Mountains and it has been almost daily of walking through clouds and not being able to see 25 feet in front of you... fun but kinda odd at night: Good trick or treat weather someone told me the other day with the street lights glowing through the clouds, and i will have to agree.

Darija is SLOWLY going... i just want to pass the test that i will be taking in Nov. and i will be thankful.. Inchella! (God willing).

How are things back in the States and around the world going???

Is everyone getting ready for the BIG vote coming up in the next 2 WEEKS! i sadly have yet to even get my ballot!! so i am hopeing for a big Blue win in Michigan!!!

BTW almlost forgot! i went to FEZ the other day and went shopping in the OLD MADEINA!!! very nice place. really hot with palm trees, but just go 30 mins up the moutains from FEZ and u will find yourself in chilly Imouzzer:)

i love and miss you all!! keep in touch! i have a MSN messager now so bug me on that instead of AIM whiwh does not work here really......shocking uh :)


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