"No human, nor any living thing, survives long under the eternal sky. The most beautiful women, the most learned men, even Mohammed, who heard Allah's voice, all did wither and die. All is temporary. The sky outlives everything. Even suffering." - Bowa Johar, Balti poet.

09 October 2008

letters make me smile:)

YIPPY! i got my first letter in the mail yesterday and it was from my buddy hold the fort down in GR.. miss. amber o! thank you so much hun! today i got a letter from my aunt Kathy and to the both of you THANK YOU THANK YOU! it made my week of constant workshops worth while by reading the letters after my lessons. Things here in Azrou are down right COLD! it feels like Michigan does right when the first snow is about to fall... i am not a fan. What sucks more is that my CBT site is 40 mins north from here so i can only imagine how cold it will be for me on saturday when i return back there for anothe 19 day work session. We have been celebrating birthdays like crazy over here at the YD hostel.. 3 awesome people and one person whos birthday is not until april got a card due to us mixing up the months and days of her birthday.. it was a funny moment. My CBT site has been doing some work while my group has been away in Azrou this week and that makes me so excited about returning and working with them! I just hope we have enough time to do all the tasks that they youth want to do withing those 19 days. No worries.. my CBT group are rockstars:)
I am wondering how things are going on back home for everyone.. enough about me:) I would LOVE to know how my Red WIngs are doing and to hear about how AWESOME the outdoor game was the other day.. tears to not being able to watch that!
the henna that i got done over a week ago is STILL ON MY SKIN and i believe that it will never come off..:) haha. it is still pretty cool looking.
i have sent out some post cards but the cost of sending a letter to you guys back home is WAY $$$ in Dirhams. I will try to write everyone if i can save up the money, but online is always free:)
I am still having a hard time realizing that i have now been in MOrocco for over a month! it does not even feel like it at all which is a good sign i think. I am still wondering where PC will be putting me for the next two years.. they have yet to tell us. I will find out around Halloween where the new city i will be calling home will be. I hope i will like it.
i am not that picky. i would love to stay in Imouzzer, but due to the issue of cat-calls by the men being a bit too much in that town from the past, it is a male site.. but who knows..maybe we can change PC mind on that:) I havent had any issues like that there.. i mean yes to the cat-calls, but nothing too extreme. I just will miss my awesome host family! they have really taken me in and made me feel like i am part of their family. Even while i am away this week, they are keep tabs on me and calling to ask to see if i am okay and that if i need anything.. i love that group to death:)
going from my CBT site to my actual site will be a hard and major change, but i am also excited about what will be happening next in my life here in Morocco with Peace Corps.
I do miss home and now with Halloween coming up and not being able to hang out with Matthew, Becky, and James at the bar... do the fun KCAD halloween parties, and be able to wear my usual 3 costumes i buy for this makes me kinda sad, but i know that Halloween here will be a fun time and an experience to see how Moroccans view this day and how similar and different it is to us in the States.. be prepared for stories:)
Well it is getting dark here and i still need to walk back to my Hostel to eat some dinner! It was great catching up with ya'll!
Be safe and take care.. i will be bugging you again soon on my blog:)
Lila sieda!
(happy night)

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Tihana said...

woooow!!! you must be having a great adventure there... I am so happy for you. And reading all posts :)
can't wait next!!! Big kisses from Croatia :) Bok