"No human, nor any living thing, survives long under the eternal sky. The most beautiful women, the most learned men, even Mohammed, who heard Allah's voice, all did wither and die. All is temporary. The sky outlives everything. Even suffering." - Bowa Johar, Balti poet.

25 September 2008


Hello all from my CBT site located in Immouzzer! I have never lived so high in the mountians before and i love it! waking up and going for a walk and finding yorself walking through the cloud, it is an amazing feeling. I will try to put up some photos while i am here, but virus and electonic issues are HUGE here in Morocco and i do not want to risk my computer or USB stick to any bad bugs or issues at this moment. The Darija lessons are everyday for about 4 hors a day... LONG. I finally got to take a shower last night at my ost family. I am mucky that i live with a well off family or i would of been taking a COLD bucket bath instead of a luke warm one... i am still trying to master that area in bathroom dfferences. The Dar Chabeb is closed for most of Ramadan so my awesome group of YDs with me here are just trying to undestand a little bit of conversation between the family members we are living wth. I am starting to hear fa,iliar aords like "this, that, no, thank you, and bad Mimi;,"my host families cat. I have mments of feeling like i will never get this language and the host family will ALWAYS give me that " what are you talking about" look, but i know that i can do this.. sweiya b sweiya (little by little)
I also want to give my sister a HUGE hug from over the ocean... eventhough i am here and you are there... i will always be here for you... be srong little sestra... better days are ahead.. i know this because i am your older sister.... that is why :)
I will b spending time wth my host family when Ramadan ends in 7days! i can not wait to be able to eat in public again during the day... it is hard not to drink a bottle of water or apply chap stick on while in public and on a hot day to, but it has been a fun and interesting expiernce. my host family has been great! they are maling me feel very cmfortable and i am always laughing whenever i am around them. Last night while mama was filling the propane tank up in the kitchen, a HUGE ball of fire came out and i have never seen a group of women run so fast out of a room... afterwards i was in tears of laughter with my sister Nadia and Fatima_Zhara while mama was just shaking her head at us;
The food here is amazing!!!! if you are a carbaholic.Mrocco is the country for you.... bread of all shapes; sizes, and texture are here for you to try. I am trying to be god with my carb issues, but it is hard... i know once i am sworn into PC i wil be able to eat what want and not have an overly worrid host mther sitting next to me and refilling my plate every 10 mins.
i also can not wait to be able to have my wn place and be able to work out!!!! i really want to go on a run, bt a woman running and in public.. very shuma (bad bad)

I hope everyone at home is doing well while i have been over here... i am missing everyone and am hoping to get ome photos up when i can find a more trustworthy cyber.
keep in touch and i will talk to you guys again son via blog :)



B said...

as a dedicated carboholic, I can vouch for the amazing bread and other good yummy stuff ... sure enjoy having you around, Miz Hil ...

shirleyp said...

Hilly, I received your e-mail and your picture with the Henna arm. I enlarged it to a 5 x 7 and have it framed next to all my Hilly photos. Sounds like it's very interesting place. I can just imagine walking through the clouds.
I worry about you and send you my best..love and kisses, Shirl....

Jenny said...

Hey! Greetings from Jersey! I can't believe we're at like opposite ends of the universe (or so if feels) the world is a strange and wonderful place. It sounds like you're learning so much already and I'm glad to hear you're taking the fasting and the no running and the bathroom differences with a light heart! Ah I miss you!!! Working here has been alright, I'm taking an upper level Neuroscience course to teach me more about the MRI machine and scanning brains and I'm also learning French. Oooh la la! Take good care of yourself girl :)